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Trips To Myanmar

We provide you all the necessary information you should know before your trip to Myanmar in below. All foreigners are required visa for entry into the country. Visa can be obtained from Myanmar embassy or Consulate general office in world-wide. Normally, Myanmar visa is valid for 28 Day start from the date of entry with 3 months period from issue date. Tourist Visa is extendable up to 14 Day, Business Visa allows up to 12 months considering case by case basic. Download Visa Application Form Here

E Visa Information

Union Minister for Hotels & Tourism, Union Minister for Immigration & Population welcomed the meeting attendance, explained and introduced the process of E-Visa system for the convenience of the visitors to Myanmar. Visitors from 41 countries currently can apply the visa through The attendees from tourism industry raised the questions and necessity arrangements will be done. The followings are the facts available on the website and below for your reference.

For More VISA On Arrival Information

Travellers need to show passport with valid visa and disembarkation card on arrival at Immigration office at Yangon or Mandalay International Airport. Travellers can be obtained pre-arranged Visa on Arrival by prior arranging with the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. We also provide Visa on Arrival services together with hotel reservations and car rental services. You may read more details info about "VOA here" and Always check with Myanmar Embassy or with us regarding the Visa regulations as there may have several changes.

a) Entry (Tourist) Visa : Visa is only issued to tourists for visiting Myanmar with valid for 1 month from date of issuance and stay allows for 28 day upon arrival without any extension.

b) Package Tour Visa : Require Visa applications with tour confirmation letter from Myanmar Tour operator during Visa submission. Visa is Valid for 3 months from date of issuance and stay allow for 28 day.

c) Entry (events) Visa : Only issued for attendance of meeting, events or workshop in Myanmar with 28 Day allowance

d) Transit Visa : Visa require for travellers designated to other country via Myanmar and allow up to 24 hrs stay in Myanmar. For this Visa, it will require tickets and destination visa.

e) Business Visa : Specially issued for business person and cooperation works with Myanmar companies. Visa allows stay for 11 weeks .

f) Diplomatic Visa : Gratis Diplomatic Courtesy (GDC) and Gratis Official Courtesy (GOC) Visa issued specially for diplomatic official and their family members. This visa allowed for stay in Myanmar during his period of assignment and offer Gratis. Needs a recommendation letter from Company in Myanmar.

Visa on Arrival
To get Myanmar VOA is not yet comparable to other countries. It is slightly more time consuming, needing time for preparation and paper work that has to be submitted local authorities before your arrival. You have to contact with us, or any travel operators in Myanmar, to prepare necessary paperwork as it is necessary to process in several different offices in the capital Naypyidaw.

Requirement for Visa on Arrival
• Passport with 6 months validity after confirming VOA
• Scanned copy of passport
• Personal details for Application forms
• Flight numbers with date of arrival and departure
• Application needs to be lodged 1 month before arrival

Type of Visa on Arrival and their Fees :

V.O.A Allownace Extendable Visa Fees
Transit 24 hrs. N.I.L 20
(Meeting, Events)
28 Day 14 Day 40
Business 70 Day 12 months 60

Procedure for pre-arranged V.O.A

Usually, it may take up to 3 weeks to get approval letter from authorities in Naypyitaw and upon approval, we will e-mail it to you and your designated airlines. We will also email to you VISA application form which you need to filled in and bring together with 3 copies of approval letter. . That’s also necessary to bring 3 passport-size photo . Only U$ dollars are accepted and need not to be torn, dirty, old, written on or heavily creased otherwise rejected. We send true copies of approval letter to Immigration office at Yangon International Airport before your arrival. You need to show approval letter at check-in counter at arrival counter at Yangon International Airport. After you have shown all necessary data, the officer will issue Visa at VOA counter that is about 6 metres before the Immigration Check point. Travellers have to be then checked by Immigration officer, as mentioned in arrival procedure, and our guide will welcome you in front of arrival counter and assist you to collect baggage and custom declaration. You have to fill in a very short custom declaration form before the exit of arrival hall. It is very smooth process without any harm or delay for travellers.

VISA Extension

If travellers want to extend their stay, they can apply for permission to authority. Stay extension is for up to 3 months, and for up to 1 year. Over stay charges are US$ 3 per day for less than 3 months and US$ 50 per day for over 3 months as penalty . However, there will be a problem for overstay travelers whenever need to show their passport at the airport, hotel, jetty, etc.

Re-entry Visa

The Re-entry visa is issued to travelers who have to leave other countries during his permitted stay, and submitted re-entry application before their leaving. There have two types of re-entry visa, Single and Multiple. Multiple re-entry visa are only issued to business and diplomat person with recommendation from Ministries.


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