Tour Program Name

A Visit To The Last Villages of Northern Most Part of Myanmar

Trip Target

To be at the last villages in extremely far north of Myanmar by trekking through natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Trip concept

Exploring the wildest part of northern Myanmar by trekking through the old forest, rattan suspension bridges, exotic tribal villages


25Day / 24Night

Adventure Grade

Advance Adventure (for those who experience long trekking)

Walking Distance

6 – 16 miles trekking per day


October – May

The last villages, Dahawndam home to Tibetan and Hkrawng( as known as Areindam in locally) home to Hta hlu and Htarong people(Myanmar pygmies) and situated on the way to HKakabo Razi (5881m), the highest snow- capped mountain in southeast Asia and tri-borderline, located in the extremely far north of Putao,Kachin state, Myanmar. It is the place of those who love to curious the diverse, the last remaining members of Htarong, an endangered people who are between 4 and 5 feet tall and the unique flora and fauna that withstand in extremely remote area of Hkakabo Razi National park (3812 square kilometers), exploration into wildest part of beyond the last village with perseverance among the natural obstacles. Thousands of biodiversity are home of eastern Himalaya and great interest for those botanist and zoologist who combine with their physical, a mental skill and achieve their goal with industrious mind..

Day(1) Arrival, Putao

Putao representative will come and transfer to yours guest house in Putao. After a brief fresh, stroll around in Putao which is a jumping point for the one who want to trek through the dense forest, wildlife sanctuaries and snow capped mountain. Dinner and overnight at Guest house.(L,D)

Day(2)Putao – Machanbaw – Htanggar(truck)

After breakfast,drive to Htanggar by crossing the Malika river on 213 meters long suspension bridge which is near the Machanbaw, a small administrative town and continues to Htanggar through the ever green forest with up and down zigzag crawling road. Dinner and overnight in one of the local house.(B,L,D)

Day(3) Htanggar – Ratbawt- Guthtu (truck)

Breakfast and on ward to Guthtu via htanggar, Uringar , Babawt and Rattbawt village. Ratbaw, situates 1740ft, 530m above sea level and drive through dense sub-tropical forest with lush vines and creepers entwined in sculptured trees. Dinner and overnight in one of the local house.(B,L,D)

Day(4)Guthtu – Langsar – Chea Kan –Kawleahtu(670 meters) (trek) 12miles

Have breakfast and start trek today's our destination to Kawlaehtu village by crossing dense sub-tropical forest lush vines and creepers entwined in sculptured trees, terrace paddy fields along spectacle Kasang river and passing the Rawang tribal villages of Langsar htu and Cheakan .Dinner and Overnight in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day(5) Kawleahtu – Shingsang 4000ft,1220 meters (trek)8 miles

Breakfast and depart to our destination to Shingsang camp which locates at 4000ft, 1220 meters above the sea level. At the first trek of today is on flat land and then trek up to 1220 meters along the ever green rain forest with lush vines and creepers entwined in sculptured trees and cascading water fall with a distance of 14.5 km. Dinner and stay overnight in camp.

Day(6) Shingsang – Pangnamdim (1060 meters,9 miles)(trek)

We leave to Pangnamdim, situates at 3500 ft, 1060 meters above sea level with the distance of about 14.5km which will takes about 3hours trek through a little steady uphill and reach to 2042 meters high Wyphi Razi peak. After that, we trek down along the zigzag narrow steady deep path inside the old growth climax forest through the May Hka river valley and cross the long suspension bridge on crystal clear May Hka river. After more than 30 minutes from the bridge, reach to camp and stay overnight in camp.(B,L,D)

Day(7) Pangnamdim –Longnat (639 meters, 7 miles)(trek)

Breakfast and continue trek to to Longnat camp, situates 3070ft, 936meters above the sea level with the distance of 8miles trekking along the side of fast flowing Mayhka river valley. Dinner and overnight in a Local house.(B,L,D)

Day(8) Lonat - Ngawa (1051 meters, 8 miles)

Enjoy the Breakfast and onward today our destination to Ngawa, situates 3450ft, 1051meters above the sea level with the distance of 7 miles trekking along the fast flowing Mayhka river. Ngawa village which is the largest paddy fields in this region, conclude the rest distances by walking through the paddy field.(B,L,D)

Day (9 ) Ngawa – Wangshiwang(1098 meters, 9 miles)(trek)

Breakfast and onward to our today destination Wangshiwang situates at 1098 meters above the sea level .After a distance of 15km through the old climax forest and dense bamboo forest and stop for lunch inside the dense bamboo forest we will reach to Wangshiwang camp. Dinner and spend the pleasant night in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day (10 ) Wangshiwang(1098 meters) – Gawai (1143 meters, 6 miles)(trek)

After breakfast, trek up to Rawang tribe village of Gawai situates at 1143 meters above the sea level along the mountain side with narrow path running like zigzag crawling snake.Dinner and overnight at the camp.(B,L,D)

Day (11 ) Gawai – Dazongdam(1341 meters, 12 miles) (trek)

After breakfast, start trek to Dazongdam village situates at 3750ft, 1341meters above the sea level with a distance of 19 meters. After trek about 11km with several challenging trek yet safe enough for everyone to face the narrow path of the side of cliffs, we will reach to Hta Ann camp right after crossing the long suspension bridge on Hta Ann stream and stop for lunch there. We continue along the trail crawls like snake through deep forest to Dazongdam village which lying between the confluence of Sanhkuwang and Adungwang rivers that they are the main artery of mighty Ayeyarwaddy river start to be Mayhka river as known as Namhtamai in locally. Dinner and overnight in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day (12 ) Dazongdam – Dashuhtu (1311 meters) – Htalarhtu(1463meters,9 miles) (trek)

Have breakfast and start trek to Dashuhtu village situates at 4799 ft,1463 meters above sea level with distance of 11km.Trek along the river bank of Adungwang valley among the density of evergreen forest. Just before we arrive to Dashuhtu village we have to cross Adungwang river by long suspension bridge and enter to the village which set up beautifully near the confluence of Dashuwang and Adungwang river and stop for lunch. After lunch, onwards to our today destination to Htalarhtu, situates at 1311 meters above sea level through the highland trail that lead us to the beginning of Alpine forest zone.As soon as we leave from Dashuhtu we have to cross long suspension bridge which span over Adungwang river but also before we get into Htalarhtu as well.Dinner and overnight in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day (13 ) Htalarhtu – Hkraung – Dahawndam (1920 m, 9 miles)

Have adequate breakfast, trek to Hkrang (as known as Areindam in Locally), situates at 1830 meters above sealevel through the vast panoramic view of greenly patches, alpine forest, walk across the Adungwang river suspension bridge and enter to Hkraung village that belongs to Htarong tribe so call Myanmar's pygmies. They are believed to be related to Tibetan and migrated along Mekong and Sanlwin River cause of Mongolian invasion in ancient land of Chiang near Mongolia and few Tibetan, and Htarong (pygmies) were came into northern Myanmar. Nowadays, the number of persons of pure Htatrong stock fallen to 3, indicating that the Htarongs constitute one of the most severely endangered population in the world. Lunch break will be in a local house and continue to Dahawndam village. Dinner and overnight in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day (14 ) Dahawndam (1920 m)

Today we need to break at Dahawndam village inhabited by Tibetan and home to Mr. Nama Gyonson, the only local ever to conquer Mt.Hkakaborazi in 1996 with Japanese climber Mr.Takashi Osaki by exploring in the village to ful.fil ours curiosity. End the day by excursion about the ways of their life of Tibetan, they are the people who know well how to able to go through tricky and complicated forest trails but also Htalu people. Dinner and overnight in a local house.(B,L,D)

Day 15 Dahawndam – Hkrawng – Htalarhtu – Dashuhtu (12 miles)
Day 16 Dashuhtu – Dazongdam (6 miles)
Day 17 Dazongdam – Gawai (12 miles)
Day 18 Gawai – Wangshiwang – Ngawa (15 miles)
Day 19 Ngawa – Lonat – Panamdim (15 miles)
Day 20 Panamdim – Shinshang – Gawlea (17 miles)
Day 21 Gawlea – Cheakan – Langsa – Guthtu (13 miles)
Day 22 Guthtu – Htanggar (motor bike)
Day 23 Htanggar – Alanggar – Machangbaw – Putao(motor bike)
Day 24 Relax in Putao
Day 25 Departure


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