Day(1) Yangon - Bago - Mawlamyine

By vehicle from Yangon to Mawlamyine with sightseeing in Bago Journey around the Gulf of Mottama and via Bago on Highway 8, a historic city originally founded in 573 AD by Thamala and Wimala, two Mon brothers of noble birth as an outpost of the Mon Thaton Kingdom. The site, which was then on the Gulf of Martaban, had already been earmarked as the location of a great city by Gautama, the historic Buddha. Explore the main market and a typical LOCAL MONASTERY in Bago to observe the daily lives of the monks, and then continue the highly venerated SHWEMAWDAW PAYA, which has housed hair relics of the Buddha for over 1000 years. Continue to SHWETHALYAUNG BUDDHA, huge reclining Buddha with a sign on the platform in front of the image giving the measurements of each body part. It is reputed to be one of the most lifelike of all reclining Buddhas. The Burmese say the image represents Buddha in a relaxing mode. If time permit, visit the HINTHA GON PAYA. This shrine has good views over Bago from the roofed platform on the hilltop. According to legend, this was the one point rising from the sea when the mythical bird (the hintha) landed here. Continue to KYAIK PUN PAYA, built in 1476 by King Dhammazedi, it consists of four 30m-high sitting Buddhas placed back-to-back around a huge, square pillar and MAHAZEDI PAYA, originally constructed in 1560 AD by King Bayinnaung, it was destroyed during the 1757 sacking of Bago and the reconstruction was only completed in 1982. Stairways lead up the outside of the stupa, and from the top there are fine views over the surrounding area. Overnight in Mawlamyine.

Day(2) Mawlamyine

Breakfast at Hotel. Visit local market Enjoy a leisurely walk through the colorful market. Not only fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish but also the old model buses (mostly Chevvies) are the attraction of this market. Excursion to Kaw Nhat and Kado villages Enjoy along the beautiful highway road with mountain views, and pass another bridge, Zathabyin. Proceed to Kaw Nhat village to observe the beautiful and ornate monastery in Kaw Nhat village donated by U Nar Auk, a famous rich man in Mon State who competed in water transport against British businessmen in the colonial era. After a visit of Bo Daw Kyaung, another old monastery in Kado village which is near the Kaw Nhat village, load the bikes onto a private boat and return to Mawlamyine. (ca. 29 km cycling for this program) Excursion by boat to Gaungse Kyun (Shampoo Island) GAUNGSE KYUN (SHAMPOO ISLAND): this picturesque island off Mawlamyaing's north-western end is so named because during the Ava period the annual royal hairwashing ceremony customarily used water taken from a spring on the island. Overnight in Mawlamyine.

Day(3) Mawlamyine

Breakfast at Hotel. Excursion by boat and continue to Bilu Kyun Travel by local ferry for approximately one hour to BILU KYUN, or OGRE ISLAND. Continue by bicycle to the local villages and visit home industries making pipes, ballpoint pens, rubber bands, coconut-fiber ropes and other items for everyday life. Time permitting, stop at one of the local tea shops for refreshment. (ca. 22 km cycling on the island) Note: The home industries in Bilu Island may be closed without prior notice. Since they are the home industries, they have no exact working schedule and depends on the demands for their product. Sightseeing in Mawlamyine An attractive, leafy, tropical town with a ridge of stupa-capped hills on one side and the sea on the other, Mawlamyine served as capital of British Burma from 1827 to 1852. Visit some of the major pagodas, including MAHAMUNI PAYA and KYAIKTHANLAN PAYA, located on a hill with panoramic views overlooking the Thanlwin River. Then head to Queen Sein Done's Monastery, the highlight of Mawlamyaing. Located on a hill with panoramic views overlooking the Thanlwin River, visit View Point, an especially beautiful spot for sunset or sunrise. Then head to SEINDON MIBAYA MONASTERY, the highlight of Mawlamyine. This monastery was built by the wife of King Mindon after she narrowly escaped death and stayed in hiding following the death of her husband. The interior is decorated with exquisite wood carvings. Enjoy sunset with a clear panoramic view of the city and river from View Point Hill. Overnight in Mawlamyine.

Day(4) Mawlamyine - Hpa-an

Breakfast at Hotel. By vehicle from Mawlamyine to Hpa-an Journey south on the eastern bank of the Thanlewin River. This is a very scenic trip. Excursion to Eindu village and Saddan Cave Drive to EINDU VILLAGE and visit the large natural Saddan Cave, a short distance away from Eindu. It is a hollow-type cave with two entrances. Local belief has it that in one of his many lives the Lord Buddha, in the form of a white elephant, would have lived in that cave. On the way visit to LUMBINI GARDEN at the base of Mount Zwekabin. There are 1,000 gantgaw trees with same style Buddha statues. Excursion to Kawgun Cave and Kyaunkamlab Stupa .Travel to KAWGUN CAVE located near Kawgun Village, which is 2 miles outside Hpa-An township. It is a natural limestone cave 200 ft. high and 300 ft. long. The rock face near the entrance is profusely decorated with different kinds of clay Buddha images that date back to the 15th century A.D. Hanthawaddy period. Continue by bike to Kyaunkamlab Stupa, also called water lake monastery. Its location allows you a good view of the back of Mt. Zwekabin. There is a small shrine on the limestone rock right next to the stupa itself which you can view a beautiful sunset and Mt. Zwekabin at the same time (sunset view is for afternoon visit only). Transfer back to Hpa-an. Overnight in Hpa-an.

Day(5) Hpa-an - Kyaikhto

Breakfast at Hotel.Visit local market (central market) Enjoy the early morning sun scenery from the Town Hall area and explore the colorful central market. By vehicle from Hpa-an to Kyaikhtiyo with sightseeing at Bayint Nyi Naung Gu Drive to downtown Hpa-an and enjoy the early morning sun scenery from the Town Hall area. A short distance beyond Hpa-an, visit famous BAYINT NYI NAUNG GU, the natural limestone cave containing hot springs and which draws visitors from the nearby area for their reputed healing powers. The springs are divided into three pools, one for monks, one for men and one for women. Then drive on to Kinpun, the base camp of Golden Rock in in Kyaikhtiyo. Visit Kyaikhtiyo (the Golden Rock) KYAIKHTIYO: One of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in Myanmar, the shrine at the top of Mt. Kyaikto seems to defy gravity. Perched on the edge of a sheer cliff is a giant golden boulder topped with a gleaming stupa. Particularly stunning at sunset and sunrise, when a magical atmosphere suffuses the shrine. Overnight in Kyaikhto.

Day(6) Kyaikhto

Visit Kyaikhtiyo (the Golden Rock) for sunrise By vehicle from Kyaikhto to Yangon

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